Recipe of Chicken curry Delicious

How To Make Creamy Chicken Dip Delicious

The Recipe For Making Creamy Chicken Dip.

Creamy Chicken Dip You can make Creamy Chicken Dip using 3 ingredients in 1 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Creamy Chicken Dip

  1. Mix 1 Pkg. of Softened Cream Cheese.
  2. Mix 1 Pkg. of Dry Ranch Dressing/Dip Mix.
  3. Insert 1 of Lg. Can Chicken, drained and shredded.

Easy Way To Make Creamy Chicken Dip

  1. In a medium mixing bowl whip together all ingredients til thoroughly combined. Serve immediately with crackers. ***I prefer to let chill for a few hours or overnight stir then serve. Give flavors time to mix together*** 😋.

That's how to make Creamy Chicken Dip Recipe.